Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stir Up Our Gift

Tonight I had the privilege of hearing H.B. London in person. He gave a tremendous message on poking and reigniting our fire. As a pastor it is easy to get discouraged and feel as if you are just going through the routine of church. Sometimes, as he even himself felt at one juncture in his life, we wonder if we even are to stay in the ministry, are we doing any good, are we fulfilling our calling. He used the scripture from II Timothy 1:6. I can not in a few words recap such a powerful message that stirred my heart to let God move in my life and help me to be a better pastor for my people. To let God stir up in me a passion of seeing souls saved and my ministry as effective as I can. To keep my priorities straight and not be so busy that my family wonders who Daddy is and when he will be home from his busy schedule. What a tremendous move and presence of God as many of us went forward to ask God to rekindle a fire in our heart. I am looking forward to more of his messages.

Pastor Byron

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Welcome to the Keepville Church Blog!!

We've been thinking about doing this for some time and now I've done it!! You can come here to see what is new at our church. I will probably list prayer requests here as well.