Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barage Update

The Amazing Dad!

Nailing the last piece of sheeting!

Back on the job...
Two hours after a crowbar knocked out Dad's two front teeth.

Sporting his new teeth.
The next day....the ER!
13 Stitches
4 hours after..back on the job!

Progress....Comes Slow

First time for everything.
This time the steel shank of my 28 oz. Estwing snapped!Sheeting on the roof and the sides!

I love Eating at Nursing Homes!

BBQ'd wings, Jumbo Shrimp, and Onion Rings!! Rolling Fields sure makes fine food for their elders!!

A Visit from the PPD SWAT

Congratulations to a new Pittsburgh Bureau of Police SWAT officer. He ranked number one in his class. Way to go Officer Wade!! Thanks for bringing your great family to Keepville for a visit.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The "Barage" Trusses Are Up

Mark Fultz Gets His Ringneck & Jesse Gets his First Point and Retrieval

Danny Gilley's First Pheasant

Gabe's Second Bird

Gabe's First Pheasant

Pheasant Hunt with Friends

Danny Gilly - Grand Prize Winner
of the 2010
Heartland Hunters Fellowship Winter Get Ttogether.

Tara - One of the best bird dogs I have hunted with.

Three of my best friends:
Kenton, Mark and "Jack"

Danny and Gabe

Ann and Tara

Gabe takes the first of many.

Ready for some feathers.

Gabe Norris - Grand Prize Winner
of the
2009 Heartland Hunters Fellowship

Greg Hatcher - Owner of Hatcher's Game Preserve

Danny Gilley with his Ringneck.

Byron and Mark

Mark Fultz
Fellow pastor, friend, and hunting companion.