Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Satisfied Customer

Tom Rodgers getting ready to leave after I installed wheel bearings on his front axle.

Last Nights Service

We lifted our service last night to travel to an Allegheny church in Conneaut Ohio about 12 miles away. They had the AWC Men's trio/Lady pianist/singer group for the service. The group is comprised of Josh Hosey, Jimmy Dentler, and Blake Quayles. The pianist is a Sturtevant from Nebraska and the PR man spoke but never introduced himself. I observed that the PR man married Rev. Marcus Letonek's daughter. He pastored here at the Keepville Church about 20+ years ago. The service was chaired by Wes McIntire who is in the process of moving some of his stuff out to Wyoming to pastor the Chugwater Allegheny Church north of Cheyenne.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Larry Moe and Curly

The new steaks have arrived.....all 3 of them.

Vincent herding Moe into the barn.

Julie feeling at home in the barn and feeding calves.

Kenton feeding Larry. (Larry because he will be owned by Larry)

Tom helping Curly drink.(Curly because that name was the only one left.)

Moe (Because he has mo black than the others)

Amish Country Trip

(l to r) Pastor, Julie, Blaine and Dixie Cosner, Lisa Carter, George and Ilene Randall, Dorothy Graves, Tom and Connie Rodgers, Tom and Cindy Misch, and Larry and Betty Miller.

Our first stop was Lehman's Hardware in Kidron. The from there we stopped at Asheries, then on to Heini's Cheese Factory for some cheese tasting. It is amazing how many kinds of cheese they invent. Can you believe they used to make a "chocolate" cheese? Ask Connie she will tell you all about it. I did find some chocolate fudge there.
Tom and Cindy

Larry, Betty, Lisa, Blaine and Dixie.

Almost caught that toothpick! :)

This was a delicious salad!!! (It was made fun of!)

WOW! Connie had room for desert.

Tom feeling smug that I had not been able to catch him with his fork in his mouth.

We had an awesome time!! We will do it again!

Yes We are Ready!!!

My first 3 shots for the season. The first shot was in the outer ring, the second was bulls eye, and the third was bulls eye as well. I have a secret for is not is the bow. Amazing what a nice bow will do for you.

Sankey Boys Having Fun

Sankey's Visit Part 2

Logan and Talledaga

Sankey's Visit Part 1

Rev. Marc Sankey giving the PowerPoint and Video presentation.

Passing out the monthly support booklets.

Melodie giving and update on Logan's eye.

A huge mosquito decided to visit our service.
Jordan speaking on being a teen missionary.

Giving the Parking Lot a Final Covering

The rest of the pictures were lost on a bad 4GB memory card for our camera.

The First Use of Our New Doors

We used our new entry for the first time Thursday evening for our Missionary Service with the Marc Sankey Family. The potted mums that Julie put on either side just made the entrance look very well.
Paul Kline holding the door.

Sankeys waiting their turn to enter.

Connie Rodgers, Rose Shumate, Tom Rodgers, and the children.

Sankey's entering.

George and Ilene Randall wait as Cheryl Colby is not so sure about the new doorman.

John and Dorothy Graves

Julie and Marcella Mooney

Greg Mooney, Nathan, Luke, and Daman.

Blaine and Dixie Cosner

Beck Grate