Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Live Nativity

Our Roman Soldiers
Tammi and Lisa

George, Austin, Kenton, and Vincent.
Blaine, Luke and Nathan.

Angel: Alyssa

Angel: Kendra

Angel: Brittany

Mary and Joseph: Rod and Christy

Refreshments: Ilene and Peg

Artwork: Ashley

The star over the stable...

Our oldest attender: Granny - 90
My buddy Jacob

Love Birds!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hunting on the Farm Rifle Season Part II

Julie's second deer.
150 yard shot.
Vince has been with his mom for both of her deer.

First time to see her shoot a deer!
She sure made me proud!

...and I was not the only one!
Her Dad is very proud of his girl's shooting!

Hunting on the Farm Rifle Season Part I

My meat cutter - Mark Fultz

Papa Tom Wallace and Kenton

Nathaniel Churchill and his first deer.
Kenton posing with Tucker Zeiglers,
huge buck from the Wallace Farm.
Nicest buck to date ever taken off the farm.

Meet Socks...

...the terror of the Christmas Tree.

Miscellaneous Hunting Photos

Vince's Red Squirrel

A doe I stalked within 5 yards.

Help me out - a den tree for something.

It came to life...briefly.
A tree in the state game lands in Warren County.