Monday, May 31, 2010

More Excavation

Moving the Pews Part 3

Wayne Drury carrying out pews.
Larry Miller

Tom Rodgers showing Larry some basketball moves.
George Randall

Kenton the Man

My Birthday Party with the Carrs and the Orsini's

I decided Kendra was not doing a good enough job scaring Lisa on the quad. Soooo...I had to help her out.

Buddy and Lisa ....Tammy and Bob

A Visit with the Eckerts

Arlington National Cemetary

Tomb of the Unknown

With the Carson Family.

Met up with Officer Houck and his family.

Candle Light Vigil

At the Police Memorial Wall

The kids with "Uncle" Sgt. Mike Duzan
and Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight.

I am with celebrities.
The chief was in congressional hearings all week

"Jewls, Duzy, and Barn."

Shandra being escorted in.