Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Service at Keepville

It was a treat to hear Julia and her sister Shandra sing together.

Christian decided he was hungry during my sermon... I had to call in a donut for him.

The only thing left of the donut was the hole.

Another illustration happening...

Illustration 3 coming on...

The ladies did not believe they could lift 280lbs.

I finished my sermon in the air!

A Flying Trip to get Breakfast

Randy Russel, Kent and Vince flew out to grab some breakfast Saturday AM.

Take off on runway 28 at Port Salem.
I took off for my first solo 17 years ago.

Cruising at 4,500'
Sharon Speedway from the air.

We met Daryl Muir and Bruce Robson for breakfast at Port Salem.

Their first airplane ride!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleep - Acting

My little niece "Cricklyn" or Brooklyn as others call her...decided to sleep for 5 minutes standing up after getting out of the van. We caught her peeking from under her eyelashes. Then she decided to awake and enjoy the party.

More Work on the Eaves

Tom Rodgers

Matt English

Chris and Greg Hatcher

2010 Keepville Church Picnic

Vincent's First Hog