Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stephen Mayhle Memorial Ski Run Photos

There are more pictures to be posted!

The 1st annual Stephen Mayhle Memorial Ski Run was a wonderful day. A day that was filled with fun, yet emotional in a very different way. All day long I wondered if Stephen could see what we were doing. I hope he could sense the love that was shown by so many that took the day off of work to be there....52 people from all walks of life (doctors, nurses, pastors, law enforcement, accountants, teachers, college student music majors, business administrators, farmers, construction workers, high school students,) who traveled from as far away as Colorado, Maryland, Tennessee, Alaska, Ohio and Pennsylvania to honor and remember the life of a friend, family member, or fellow officer.

Shandra shared with me after the memorial run that this was almost exactly to the day that he skied for the last time with me up in New York at the Holiday Valley. It is always amazing how coincidental how things like this happen.

Special thanks to Seven Springs Ski Resort for hosting us and Harry Pieprowski our Special Event Memorial Run Coordinator for guiding us on our memorial run. Harry is in the light blue jacket.
As Stephen's only brother inlaw it was an honor and a priveledge for Shandra to have me carry a flag. The flag was the Pittsburgh Faternal Order of Police flag.
Shandra requested that Stephen's best friend Daniel Russell carry the other flag. Daniel flew in from Colorado to take part in this event. The week of Stephen's funeral Daniel and I planned this event. His flag is the City of Pittsburgh flag.

Shandra - Officer Stephen Mayhle's wife. Daniel Ridenour was our Photographer.

PPD Officer Rich Houck and his wife Danielle was very supportive of our Memorial Run.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1st Annual Stephen Mayhle Memorial Ski Run

Thursday, Feburuary 25th at Seven Springs Ski Resort
Memorial Run at 1:30 from the top
For discount prices you must RSVP.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Visit from the Lambs and Paynes

Vicky and Cody Lamb John and Mary Payne

I just had to wear my Steelers shirt for my buddy John!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Visit from the Houcks

Danielle and Julia
Mr. Colby

Sidney and Vincent

Rich, Danielle and I playing Canasta

Making a Vet Call

2010 Pennsylvania State Farm Show

It was great to meet up with Rev. Paul Eckert at the farm show.His wife Jennifer with Julia.

My wonderful family.

Munching on a blooming onion.

Jennifer with some cute bunnies.

....and another.

Brooklyn with a very fuzzy bunny.

Jennifer wanted a pic of this funny chicken.

Enjoying some time with my nieces.
New born peeps.

Enjoying the Alpacas.

Jennifer with a goat.

Jennifer with a sheep just getting ready to go to the ring for a show.

Jennifer with a cow.

The girls with the cows.

A Brahma Bull.

The start of the rodeo.


The most beautiful lady I ever married!!!

The No.1 Steer Wrestler coming off the horse..

Grabbing the horns...

Rolling it over!


This was one awesome act!

The Contestants signing the Rodeo posters.

The kids in a real dugout canoe.