Sunday, May 31, 2009

It Must Be the City

Yep it must be Cleveland! What else can you say other than it must be jinxing their own teams. Browns are going nowhere and apperantly niether are the Cavaliers. I am sorry for all you Cleveland fans. I guess it is hard to find a city like Pittsburgh.....with 3 teams winning a record 6 Super Bowls, 5 World Series, and 2 Stanley Cups! Pittsburgh Pirates played in the 1st ever World Series and the Steelers is one of the original NFL teams.
Go Pittsburgh!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

IWU Graduation

Heading for Indiana...cap, cappuccino... Capishe?
Indiana Wesleyan University main campus - Marion Indiana

Charles Holden and I

Charles Holden and R B Kuhn
RB was a great help to me many times.

President Dr. Gary W. Streit was the commencement speaker

Dave Keep

Julia's uncle - Dr. Cliff Churchill who was a huge help throughout my program.

The kind of hats we all should have worn!

Girls Sleeping

In church....and notice Mr. Vincent drinking.
....and on the road.

Elevator Project at the Center

Top floor by the elevator gears.

Kenton doing all the hard work preparing the cables and ropes.

Last inspection 1969.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Blog Is Up and Running

After a short hiatus I have decided to get caught up with my life. Thanks for all the prayers for our family during the month of April. Much has happened and I am just now feeling some what caught up with life. Thanks for all the emails, phone calls, and encouragement with getting me back blogging.
Our life was interrupted with the tragic results of a misguided person bad attempt at making a statement to the public. There are ways to do it and certainly his choice was not at all the way to go about it. As a result there was a lot of grief and sadness that will carry on in the lives of many for quite some time. To our sister Shandra and her precious little girls - We love you and our prayers our with you everyday! I will post some pictures to share with you on at some point. Until then I will attempt at catching you all up on things around Keepville and my life happenings.