Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tally Gets Hit by a Quad

High Speed hit by a quad - impact sent the quad over 70'
The quad was totalled and the rider went to the ER.
Thanks goodness he was not hurt badly.

Tally suffered a laceration to her eye and some sore ribs.

First time to sleep inside our home.

She never moved from this postion for about 3 days.

Today...a few weeks later. Our one eyed pooch.

Interior Renovation Has Begun

First load of debris:wall plaster, wood..heading to the burn pile.

At This Point....

...I can still hold him down,
and give him a kiss.

...this won't last long!

Another Home Addition by Gurnee Electric

Visit from President Sams

Porch Roof Addition

Thanks to Rev. Marvin Blowers for giving us an expert hand.

Tom Rodgers and George Randall

Gurnee Electric

Another furnace install - adjusting the blower motor speed.

Finishing Up Some Siding

When they say be careful around the
electric wires while on an aluminum ladder....

The Barage is Ready for Concrete & Steel

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Weekend with the Sams

At Chef Pengs with our friends:
John and Catherine Parker
Clair and Melba Sams

Roy Shumate, Bill Randall talk old trucks.
A leader you can have fun with!

Celebrating Kendra's 7 birthday