Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Believe It or Not!!!

....she bought her hunting licence and practiced shooting her rifle. I about fell over in shock! I am thinking there must be some ulterior motive behind this. I guess we will wait and see.

New Additions...

Besides the wreaths, Dad helped me install snow and ice guards. We will now have a lot less shoveling on the porch. Kenton and Vincent will be happy about that.

A Beach Ball?

A new version of our the Fultz blog.

Friday, November 28, 2008

A Night with Blaine and Dixie

Vincent the fierce Tiger!

My crazy daughter!

My Latest Invention

This has my wife rolling her eyes and laughing at me, but it keeps my hunting boots nice and dry. All you need is 5 minutes of time, 4' of 1 1/2" PVC pipe, 4 street ells, a pressure coupler, a 4-way, and plug at the bottom. Then steal your wife's hairdryer!

Attacked by my Granny

This is what happens when you shoot a rubber band during Thanksgiving dinner at your 88 year old grandma. She had to twist my ear one last time! Yep them fingernails hurt as much as they always did! A wonderful memory.

My First Black Squirrel

I have helped Kenton get several of these and with him had the opportunity for many others, but were unsuccessful. As we set up Papa Jack for a squirrel drive, we made a big circle while he set up under a cluster of nests. Kenton squeezed my hand and stopped me on a dime and there was a black squirrel running up in a pine tree. I gave him the gun to make the shot, but he could not get one puled off before the squirrel leaped from the tree and ran up another on about 40 yards away. It was a little far for the 410, but I took a crack. After the shot went off the squirrel fell of the tree and another black squirrels ran off from the same spot. If I had my 11-87 I would have gotten two black squirrels. That was good, now we can have more black squirrels next year. If you notice the squirrel it was not quite dead and shortly after this picture it started running in mid died shortly there after.

When we got back to Dad we went up the ravine where we heard some red's chattering. Dad got the first one.

Kenton got the second one. We saw two more, but saved them for repopulating for next year.

Since 1985 on Thanksgiving day(-ish) we continue the annual Durfee family tradition. This makes the 24th year for me. All but one year we have taken game (grouse, pheasant, rabbit, and squirrel).

Keepville Snow Removal

Food for the Hay Burners

The hay hauler (aka Dad) arrived with two round bales for the steers. It was the first I was able to use my 3 point bale spear. This will save Kenton and Vincent lots of time haulng sqare bales of hay around. Now the hay burners (a.k.a. Larry, Moe, and Curly) can eat to their stomach's content. I think we will hear less of them - which is good by me at least. I think Julie enjoys hearing a little cow bellering and smells of the barn. It reminds her of home.

Thanksgiving at the Farm

....waiting for everyone to show up. See Julia's blog.

Bear Trip 2008

Our Wreck!
As we left 322 to take a "short cut" we rounded a bend in the road and watched Mark's van go over the bank and into the woods. I am sure I hollered slow down loud enough for Mark to hear it in the van ahead of us and our walk talkies were of no use. To make a long story short Wayne dodged a big tree and Mark's van and settled down off the road into the woods as well. After waiting for AAA we decided to get them out ourself. I am not sure how we were able to get them out. Wayne had studded snow tires on and he came out fairly easy with some pushing. Mark's van was down in a little more and had many obstacles to over come. It was sitting high sided with the right tire off the ground. With some pieces of wood we were able to get wedged under the tire it was able to move backwards. We got it jockeyed around and was able to push pull and with Kenton and I hanging off the right front fender for added weight for tractions we were able to get the van up out of the woods.
Waynes Van.

Mark Fultz's Van

Mark calling AA.

Hiking 2 miles in the dark in a woods we had never been before.
After almost 2 miles we arrived at the "pipeline".

If you look at the bottom of the pipeline you can see 3 guys standing.

Our side of the pipeline.

Getting a drink at a mountain spring.

Mid State Trail

Our Gang
(l. to r.) Josh Covert, Darrell Fultz, Mark Fultz, Lee Shorts, Aaron Witmer, Kenton and I, Ron Stoner, Lewis Stoner, and Ben Snyder.

The Bear Camp

Kenton's self portrait - notice his orange mustache.
Reason: Notice how he drinks.