Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garage Move Part 2

The first part is at this link: HERE I figured that if I could put a steel bumper on the shed it could be moved. Roy Shumate made it out of a 6" I-beam and some steel that he fabricated together.

We worked till dark getting it ready for the move.

I tested it and pulled it a foot.

Ask Tom Rodgers what happened in this picture.

Skeptics discussing how it can't be done.

Making sure everything was ready before we started across the pavement.

The Pulling was very hard on the tar and chip over asphalt.

You can see the guys holding the electric and telephone lines high enough for the 16' 4" garage to pass under.

Lost traction on the concrete...had to boom it on the pad.

Could not have done it without Roy!
The Skeptics are amazed!
On the concrete pad ready to be aligned.

Look of relief and satisfaction!!
The garage is now on Church property.

Looking a little bare back home.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Visit From the Duzans

Mike, Mel and crew..

At one of Kenton's football practices.

Mike preparing bacon wrapped shrimp.

The Duzan family Chef