Thursday, October 29, 2009

Projector Installation

We got quite allot done in the church this day. This was our new opening to our basement. Tom Rodgers thought it would make a great trap door for when the preacher preached too long.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Block Work on the Church.

Thanks to Dad for hauling in the material and donating the sand and cement. He has been a huge help at our church. Our people love him.
Blaine helping mix mud.

Discusing how all the mortar joints are falling apart because they were not mixed right. I guess when the layer says the mud aint right - it aint right. It was not the sand it was just mixed to weak.

Kenton having some air time.

Mixing Mud!
Tom Rodgers - laying the last block - Not bad for a guy almost 80.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Garden Work

I love my wife and I love my tractor and I love it when my wife likes to ride my tractor.
Kenton also loves my tractor.
Getting ready to plow up the garden.

Tractor: Ford 3600 Deisel

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rental Porch Nearing Completion

From this blog post: still working away...

Amos and Andy - Purebred Gersteins

Our wonderful cattle trailer that I made to haul back the bulls.

Amos - Purebred Gerstein, 400lbs.

The boys were so eager to start carrying water and grain.
Andy (also a Purebred Gerstein - 350lbs) He would not pose on the trailer.

A Payne-ful Visit

We love having Jon Payne stop by. The kids call him the ice cream man. He brings a big tub of chocolate swirl and the add fudge and have a great time. We usually argue about the Browns and Steelers. It gets so bad Julie wants to crawl somewhere or leave. There is always next year.

Pastor Appreciation

Tom Rodgers presenting the card.

Reading about my raise.

My Electricians Mug

Proud to be a 100% qualified,
rewiring, fault finding,
light fitting, installing,
never blow my fuse

A big thank you to my church people for being so kind.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Visit with the McHugh's

Somehow this did not post this past August.....

We enjoyed a visit with Ben and Carolyn and their tribe. I bought my AT-6 back from him as well as picked up another trainer. Now just for some time to get them runing and up in the air. While we were there the kids road 4 wheelers and I had to show Joey some fun riding much to his mothers unamusement.

I wish we had taken more pics.....and could find the rest....I am still looking.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Men of Integrity Retreat 2009

Mark Fultz - Our Chauffeur

Dale Faust in the back.

Scenes along the way.

The "unreal" Dr. Brown and "real" President Sams.

The "real" Dr. Brown speaking.

Our Golf Outing

Cornhole Tournament