Monday, November 30, 2009

Making Memories in the Mountains

Since I could not shoot any deer, I decided to take Kenton the Mountains. I took him to the spot where I shot my first buck. It was a great bonding time. We had so much fun.

Break of day waiting for deer.

The view of his shot. It was not an easy shot and he missed.

About 9:00 it started to rain and then snow and back to rain.

Keeping my client dry as a bone.

You know me, I love to talk. I struck up a conversation with this gentleman. We were reminiscing of the good old days. 25 years ago this place would sound like a war. Tons of deer running everywhere....I told him of my first buck kill and how I used to hunt with Daryl Rowan and Del Neely. He laughed....Dell was his dad. Larry had changed quite a bit over 25 years. We had a great time catching up. He was there the year I shot my buck. He loves these woods so much he drives clear from Dayton Ohio to hunt.

Me and my hunting buddy.

Making memories and having a blast!

Kenton was watching a deer through the scope and was concentrating so hard he had some rear wind action. He got to laughing so hard we had to move to a new spot since all the deer in the county could hear us both howling our heads off.

Kenton thought these two trees were cool.

Kenton loves drinking from mountain streams.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

NCYC Represented at Keepville by Dr. Lyn Corder

We enjoyed having Dr. Corder and his lovely wife for a service to represent the Northwestern Community Youth Center. We enjoyed having them join us for dinner.

Shop Class

The Eldest Daughter Turns 6

Happy 6th Birthday Kendra!

Goal Completed - Another 4 Year Old Rides a Bike

When Kenton jumped on a bike and rode away just a few days after he turned 4 I decided to make it a goal that all of my kids do the same. So every year I had to do some jogging behind a bicycle. The last Gurnee child will be 5 this winter which meant I had my job cut out before the bikes were put away. It did not take much to get Alyssa pedaling. The champion of the Albion Fair pedal puller started pedaling like she had been doing so for many years.

A Joke for Church Hoppers

Louie was shipwrecked and lived alone on a desert island for years until he was rescued. Before leaving the island, he gave the rescue party a tour.

"I built myself a house. That's it there. Here's the barn, and over here is the church I worshipped in."

"What's that building over there?" one of he rescuers asked.

Louie sneered. "That's the church I used to belong to."

Enjoying a T-Bone from T-Bone

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Deer Cutter

Mark Fultz - Deer Cutter Extraordinaire!

13 Roasts

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Windows for the Kids House

I Love This Time of Year

Burning leaves, bow hunting, bon fires....and my beautiful wife!

Kenton Prepares for Winter

Kenton bought 5 hay bales and a Oats/alfa bale.

Lining them up for use later this winter.

Heartland Hunters Fellowship Group Deer Hunt

Alex Foreman with his 110 class 9 point, Kent Jeffries with his 3 point and antlerless, and my antlerless. Muskingum County deer.
Deer #Sixty something...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visit with The Fullers

Brian and Kirsten with Dillan.

Drinking Fresh Milk from the Bulk Tank

It was great to spend an evening with my friend Daniel Ridenour. We grabbed some steaks at Fire Mountain in Indiana and then headed to the farm for some fresh milk and spotting deer. Nothing better than drinking from the bulk tank.
Daniel is a great guy, deeply spiritual and has his life planned out.

A nice buck.

Building a Chicken Pen

Squirrel Hunting

Taking time to do a photo-op.

Tree Stand Maintenance

Getting ready for hunting season.

A Visit with Bro. Ryan

The boys and I enjoyed a visit to Lloyds woodshop.

Local Calamity

On the way back from our visit at the Ryans, we stopped for this photo. Someone decided to drop a loaded trailer off at this parking lot. I guess it pays to know how thick the blacktop is. The excavator could not lift it so they had to unload it before it could be freed.

The Herd at the Miller Farm

Pictured from L to R - Larry, Sir Loin, Curly, and Moe.
Porterhouse left for the auction the next day after the picture was taken.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Morning Hunt

Heading out the evening before to set up my dripper and stand.
The boys wishing, hoping, and dreaming. Family pose - Kendra was in school.
George let me hunt his woods and kindly stayed out of the area I had my stand set up in. Both he and his wife are great friends, congregants, and neighbors.
My dripper over the scrape.

The pass through started the 20 yard blood trail out real well.
That is a camouflage arrow painted bright red from blade to nock.
Dad came up to help drag my buck out.

My first morning to hunt this year - 30 minutes.

Trying my best to look good for the camera. Kenton carrying the heart.
Enjoying a phone call from my buddy Evan Bowers from Knoxville Tennessee as I drag my deer out of the woods.