Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reading Night at Northwestern Elementary

Kenton's Basketball Game

Northwestern Vs. Girard

Game Night

It was great to have the Baxters and the Johnsons over for games!

Taking on all the wimps in the house!

Makes You Think

Riding in the Escalade to the cemetery...makes you wonder when it will be your turn to make that journey. So many people work so hard at preparing for the things in this life and being consumed with it that they don't put enough or any time in preparation for eternity. Just a ponder.
The best Funeral Director in Albion:
Mr. Pat "Squally" Mattera

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Thank You.... all our wonderful friends and family who
have been so good to us this Christmas.

Miscellaneous Pics

Kenton sorting Ammo

Kenton eating the best pizza and wings
in the world!!
Rayne Drop Inn Marion Center PA

A typical scene on Carter Road

My tools to repair our Buick one very Cold Day!!

A hoof trimmer!

My New Woodstove

Pastor's Appreciation Meal

The Carr's and the Orsini's had us over for a lovely evening.

Some Interesting Signs

Moe and Curly Head to the Butcher

Larry Miller moving them out!!

Friends from Pittsburgh

Julie and Dianne

Christmas Pastor's Dinner - Amish Door Wilmot Ohio

Daryl Muir playing me checkers in Sol's Exchange
Daryl and Marilyn Muir

With the most beautiful lady in the world!

Mr. and Mrs. Don Davison - Guest Speaker

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Misc Hunting Pics

Flintlock Hunting

Add ImageKenton toting the flintlock for his tired dad.

Bob Wyant hunting out of Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Wayne, Kenton, and Bob

Antlerless 1A

Hunting with my Buddy Vince
along the Conneaut Creek bottoms.

Hunting on the Preserve.

Hunting with John Cassedy down in Kennerdell

Let It Snow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2nd Annual Stephen J. Mayhle Memorial Ski Run

2nd Annual
Stephen J. Mayhle Memorial Ski Run

E.O.W. 04-04-09
When: Friday February 25, 2011
Where: Seven Springs Ski Resort
Memorial Run from the top - 1:30 p.m.

Thursday Daytime (9am – 7pm)
Lift Ticket - $28.00
Ski Rental - $15.00
Board Rental - $25.00

To get a discount Price you MUST:
RSVP and Contact:
Byron Gurnee - 814-397-3266
FACEBOOK @ 2nd Annual Stephen J. Mayhle Memorial Ski Run
Stephen at Holiday Valley- 2009