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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Just before Christmas Tom & Cindy stopped by and spoiled us with gifts. Then the next week they took us to Pizza Hut. Thanks so much!

Getting crazy at Dutch Blitz.

Monday night Andy and Becky came over for supper and games.

Last night Tom and Connie Rodgers and Blaine and Dixie Cosner came over for supper and games. Here Connie was getting cozy with Tom. We were all blushing! LOL

We taught Tom and Connie how to play Rummikub and Dutch Blitz.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Piebald Buck

No details just some pics.

Road Kill

The next bird will be a Cardinal.

Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast

Tom Rodgers and Blaine Cosner enjoyed the 31st Annual Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast held on Saturday, January 17, 2009 at the Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center on Peach street in Erie.
I grabbed a pic with the Special Guest Speaker: Ramesh Ponnuru - National Review Magazine Senior Editor and Author of the book "The Party of Death".
Note: I was wearing my Steelers tie....not that it makes any difference.

Federated Church Hunting Expo

Pastor Rick Plucknet opening up the night.

Dr. David Samuel giving some great tips about bow hunting.

Vincent enjoying his "wild game" meal.
Venison back straps, venison tips and mushrooms, smoked steel head, black bear meatballs, venison sausage with peppers and onions, and venison meatloaf. Delicious!

Part of my collection on display.
The Trappers.

Fly Tiers from Gander Mountain.

Flint Napper

Making a long bow.

Finished products.
Having a good laugh with Dr. Dave. Retired professor of wildlife biology from WVU. He is an inductee into the Archery Hall of Fame.
Please pray for Dr. Dave he has a serious medical problem.

Cool mount with a 3rd main beam.

For all the people who think Pennsylvania does not have monster bucks. Dr. Dave told about a friend of his who took a Boone and Crocket buck that scored over 204" from our area last year. The deer management program is working. I personally have scored bucks that have been in the 160-175 range.

A freak of nature, two headed deer.

Some young boys enamored with my ammo collection.

An Iroquois Indian presenting a handmade longbow to a young boy.

Yep he was wearing a loin cloth.


Night Out with the Carrs

Chef Pengs - Niles Ohio. We are fans of this restaurant. It is my favorite. You can be guaranteed that the chicken is chicken and not cat, pigeon, or rabbit. If you ever want to try it out holler and we will go there with you. Just don't let Daryl and Marilyn Muir about or they will want to go along. J/K! We will invite them as well.
Buddy and Lisa Carr - great friends and congregants.

For those who like weird Chinese fortune cookie sayings.....for whatever it means.

NFL Largest Fan Base

Top 10 largest fan bases in the NFL:
#1 Pittsburgh Steelers
#2 Dallas Cowboys
#3 Greenbay Packers
#4 Oakland Raiders
#5 Washington Redskins
#6 Philadelphia Eagles
#7 Cleveland Browns
#8 New York Giants
#9 Kansas City Chiefs
#10 Denver Broncos

Most Popular NFL Team

Cleveland Browns your heart out!
The Steelers have a tradition of having a large fanbase, which has spread from Pittsburgh. In August 2008, ranked Steelers' fans as the best in the NFL, citing their "unbelievable" sellout streak of 299 consecutive games. While the team gained a large fan base nationally based on their success in the 1970s, many consider the collapse of the steel industry in Pittsburgh at the end of the 70's dynasty into the 1980s to be a large catalyst for the unusually high fan base in other cities, since many native Pittsburghers were forced to move elsewhere to find work, causing Western Pennsylvania to lose nearly half of its population. Examples of this have been shown when the Steelers are on the road, and the stadiums still having a sizable amount of Steeler fans; in particular, teams with usually low fan turnout at home that would otherwise require a local blackout on television usually end up selling out when hosting the Steelers due to Steeler fans buying up the tickets. The Cincinnati Bengals used to be perhaps the best example of this, as the team only sold out home games when the Steelers or Cleveland Browns were playing in Cincinnati, with the respective fans of the other teams buying up the tickets.
The Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every home game since the 1972 season. In November 2007, the Steelers were ranked as the most popular local sports franchise out of the 122 teams in the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, by a study from Turnkey Sports. Another study ranked Pittsburgh as having the highest percentage of female fans of their local football team, ranking twice as high as the average city. An aspect of Steelers fandom, the Terrible Towel, is "arguably the best-known fan symbol of any major pro sports team". -

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I hate to brag....but now that they are going I will indulge!
Sorry all you poor Browns and Ravens teams(and all the other teams in the AFC.)
Remember your motto: There is always next year!

Restroom Progress

Blaine Cosner cutting the access hole in the closet that will give us entrance to the crawl space. Blaine works at Lake City Homes. It was great to have him helping us out.

Blaine cutting in the return air duct.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yep this is what walked into my class today....WOW!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Best Friend

Yep, he was my best man in my wedding and still is my best friend! With Mom doing the cooking and Dad putting on the drives, it made for a great day of hunting! We work together, chat together, build together, hunt together...... My parents are the reason I love and serve the Lord. Thanks Dad for putting on drives today till he wanted to drop. It wasn't easy walking through 18" of snow, but he was doing his best!
I love you and Mom very much!