Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winterizing the Rheem

Mark Bly helped me put a permanent insulation cover around the drain lines for the furnace.

With the finished product.
Thanks Mark for helping!

Fixing-up the Chicken Coop

The boys worked on their chicken pen to make it easier to feed and gather eggs.
Vincent wanted to add a roost board for them.

Waiting for the remodeling to be finished.

Checking out their newly renovated coop.
You just can't beat home raised eggs!

Learning to Service the Tractor

Snow Biking

Christmas Caroling

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Legend of the Little Spider

Before our Christmas play our family presented the Keepville Bible Methodist Church with its gift from our family. I made 3 coat racks and presented them to John and Dorothy Graves.

I even made one with hat hooks for John's hat.

Joseph and Mary played by:
Austin Shumate and Destiny Copeland

The Dog played by:
Kenton Gurnee

The Cats played by:
Derrick and Miranda Bly

The Spider played by:
Alyssa Gurnee

The Angels played by:
Jillie Strange, Kendra Gurnee, and Hallie Strange

The Donkeys played by:
Vincent Gurnee and Christian Shumate

The Mouse played by:
Jacob Mooney

Miranda Bly playing a Christmas piece on the piano.

Kenton Gurnee playing "Ode to Joy" on his guitar.
Scenes during the play:

Christmas Traditions

See Julia's Blog:

Christmas from the Corders

Grandpa "Doc" Corder stopped by with some gifts for the family!The kids all say thanks so much!

Packing the Treat

We had the best candy ever this year!
I am very picky, and they passed with flying colors!
Congartulations ladies and THANK YOU!

Making More Christmas Gifts

These are not cheap ones from Walmart either!
I guess you can guess!

Fun in the Snow