Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Does Your Alarm Clock Sound Like This

Our Trout Fishing Disaster

After I got home from school, Kenton was bursting at the seams to go trout fishing. We have a branch of Conneaut Crick that runs up in behind our church. Just before the railroad bridge there is a huge "hole" that is usually full of trout and various other kinds of fish. We set out for the "hole" with buckets for the multitudes of fish we were going to catch on Kenton's "Batman" pole. One tackle box was full of hooks and bobbers in case he decide to catch trees and was not able to reel them in. The other held a fresh supply of slugs, grubs, worm, centipedes and other critters that they dug from the rocks around our home.
Enjoying the spring weather. It was a bit chilly - 49 degrees.

The girls watching the water.

Kenton waiting for a 18" steel head to catch his worm and rip the pole out of his hands.
I noticed Kendra was shadow fishing.
Our Daredevil posing at the edge.
Ready for whatever will bite the stuff in his box.
Then my phone rang...Vince was on the other end. He had just got off the bus and wanted to fish as well. I told him to run on down and told him where we were fishing. That is when our excitement started. On his way down the neighbors dog ran out and bit him. So we ended up taking him to the emergency room to make sure he was okay.
In triage getting his arm band

Waiting for the doctor.

The Bad Puncture Wound - Actually he was fortunate. It got him right above the belt on his side. He had 3 puncture's, 1 tear and 1 good scratch. He is very fortunate. The dog that bit him was a large husky and I hope the experience does not make him afraid of dogs.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Surgery Update

Tom Mooney has come through his first of several surgeries. He still only has a .05% chance of making through this ordeal. It is expected that it will be at least 3 months of rehab, unless a major artery bursts and or the toxins continue to attack his body.

This was posted from St. Vincent ICU waiting room.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tom Mooney Update

Monday April 28 will mark trip #30 in 6 weeks to visit him in the hospital . At 7:30 A.M. he will undergo a very serious surgery where they will attempt to remove all the bad tissue that has been eaten up by the pancreas fluids as well as possibly his spleen. His high heart rate has dropped, but his respiratory is being aided by a machine. Please remember him in prayer during that time.

Love INC Banquet

A group of 11 from our church attended the Love In The Name of Christ Banquet last night. A very enjoyable evening. It is was a fundraiser to help raise money for Love INC operating expense. Unfortunately I did not have my cellphone/camera or our digital camera and my wife's phone does not take the greatest pictures in an abnormal setting.

Here was a skit that the youth group from New Beginnings church put on called "This Little Light of Mine." The also did a skit about deliverance with the song "Set Me Free" by Casting Crowns as a the theme.

This was the Girard High School Handbell Choir. The ranked number 1 in the the State of Pennsylvania for competition to be the entertainment for the State Teachers Conference at Hershey. They were chosen out of 160 schools that auditioned. At the end the clapping did not stop and went into a standing ovation. The played songs such as: Phantom of the Opera, Stairway to Heaven, Shenandoah etc.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Barn Cleaning

The Observer.

The Worker.

I Was going to clean out the stalls for Sir Loin, but I never got around to it. Fortunately my friend Ben Grate needed some fertilizer for his garden. He was greedy and took it all. I was happy because I only had to help fork out half of it. Thanks Ben! There will be more where that came from.

Everyone Loves My Tractor

I was able to do a little work around the church properties with my tractor. It has become the new "ride". Everytime it starts up the kids comes running.

It is hard to imagine that anyone raised on a farm could leave after 18 years and actually never have driven a tractor. Well My wife is one of those rarities. I coerced her onto the seat and she took it for a spin. I think you can tell she was doing it just to please me...and she did. Thanks Sweetheart!

Here it the Vince-man bringing the tractor home from accross the road. He is 5 but loves driving it. He had only asked 1,347, 598 times to drive it. The squeaky whell gets the grease.

No Time to Read Blogs?

I have been so busy at times that I don't have time to read blogs. I also don't have time to surf through them all just to see if some thing new has been added. This site: http://www.bloglines.com/ automatically lets you know who updates. It is a huge time saver.

The Amazing Video

This is proof that a 275lb fat man can do flips on a trampoline. Actually I used to be able to do a double flip, but that was a long time a go and a a couple of pounds less as well.

Electric Job at Golden Rule Family Care

I finished up my hospital run Wednesday by stopping at Hite Electric and getting the supplies for a job in Carmichaels Pennsylvania. I got home ate supper on the fly and prepared for the Men's Bible Study. After Bible study I worked on school work till 1 A.M. and then crashed till 4:30 when the annoying alarm started to ring. I finished loading and left by 5:30. I picked up dad and he drove so I could try to sleep. We ended up talking most of the way. At least it was him driving 80mph instead of me. He claims he was going with the flow of traffic. That flow was passing vehicles pretty fast. We arrived at the Golden Rule Family Care doctors office just shortly before 9:00. At 12:00 we were done and packed up and ready to head home. I actually was glad I had brought Dad along to keep me awake. The "crawl space" was only big enough for a 5' 6" 145lb man and not a 6' 275lb man. I should have gotten a picture of what he looked like when he crawled out of their. He is probably glad I didn't. I had sided this office last fall and had told my friend Dr. Jonathan Yates that the electric service was not good. It was only a few months until the electric company required him to update his service. So we enjoyed his company for a few hours. He rewarded me with a wonderful meal from a certain Asian country that makes good food in my opinion. The Orange Chicken was delicious. Thanks Doc and Mrs. Doc for your hospitality. Hopefully he will e-mail me some pics of us crawling through the window to get into the basement.

It was a beautiful day and I took a picture that showed this sign saying 12:00, but it was another one I accidentally erased. I told him it would take a couple of hours. It took us about 3 hours exactly. The crawl space held us up a little. It was shortly after 1:00 we finished eating and left. I had to be home for a school function at 6:00.
Pastries on the Doctor's Desk
What to my wondering eyes did appear,
On the desk of my doctor friend dear.
But a tray of delightful tasty treats,
That to him I am sure tasted neat.
This diet he has pursued I want to join,
For he has lost fat from off of his loins.
He looks much better not that he didn't before,
But like his kids he now has energy galore.
Snapping a pic of him for you to see,
If I had been not so quick to leave.

Painter in the Field

Yesterday Kenton and I were heading from Erie after visiting to Edinboro on some back roads that I think are shortcuts when we happened on a lady painting in a field. I had not seen an easel out and a painter painting in a long while. As a kid I would see this site quite often. I remember back in the mid 70's watching Alphonso Fugali painting and drawing the buildings of Meadville. I took a picture of her painting, but when I went to transfer the pictures I somehow lost it.

Tom Mooney Update

I spent This past Sunday night(all night) in the ER with Marcella and Marshall. Tom has pancreatitis and his duct is plugged out of it. Therefore all of the enzymes, acids, or whatever the pancreas produces was leaching into his intestines. As the Doctor put it "He is a very very sick man". They did not expect him to make it through the night. In 24 hours I made 3 trips to Erie and spent about 17 hours in the ICU waiting room. His conditions have improved some, although the problem has not gone away. They have drained at least 1500cc of fluid off of abdominal area. We are meeting with the doctors on Monday at 11:00. Pray for Marcella who got less sleep than I did at the beginning of the week (none). Continue to pray for him and his family.
ST. Vincent at 12:00 A.M.

Marcella and Marshall

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GBS Blooper Film

Let me just say that Larry Smith picking his nose and Garen Wolf squeaking his voice were the best.

ZBM Ball Game

We were able to go and watch the ZBM church team (Zanesville Bible Methodist) play another church team. It was a great double header. I think each game was about 15 to 3 or 4. ZBM won both games. They guys on the team are all pretty much big and tall with the exception of a couple. Gabe Norris bombed one over the 3oo' fence.

Front row (L to R): William Blair, Dave Thompson, Doug Miller, Mark Toth, Bill Blair, Randy Bonifant. Back Row (L to R): Mickie Harper, Kenny Bishop, Dan Toth, Unknown, Mike McMann, Gabe Norris, Jonathan Miller, Jeff Harper, Dixon Stratton, Jeffery Harper.

Kenton catching up with his old buddy Andrew Hinkle.Gabe and Dave

Bill at bat.

I was hoping Pappap wouldn't blow a hernia. Didn't someone say there was an age limit?

Dixon Stratton

Kenny Bishop

Gabe raring back to hit his grand slam!

Mark Toth

Jeffery Harper
Mike McMann

Mickey Harper

Bench Warmers

More bench warmers. The women enjoying the game. Can someone spot Jen Tiberio?

Jonathan Miller doing the Dowigadoo.

Catching up with Annie Toth and Misty Stratton.