Sunday, January 24, 2010

Franklin On Whitefield

By hearing him often, I came to distinguish easily between sermons newly compos'd, and those which he had often preach'd in the course of his travels. His delivery of the latter was so improv'd by frequent repetitions that every accent, every emphasis, every modulation of voice, was so perfectly well turn'd and well plac'd, that, without being interested in the subject, one could not help being pleas'd with the discourse; a pleasure of much the same kind with that receiv'd from an excellent piece of musick. This is an advantage itinerant preachers have over those who are stationary, as the latter can not well improve their delivery of a sermon by so many rehearsals.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shoveling Snow of the Church Roof....

..and giving my girls a laugh when I "fell off".

Have You Met Anyone....

.....that voted for Barack Obama
....that still would today? I have only met one...and he is just too proud to admit he was wrong. I don't get involved in politics but....I could not pass this up. This is huge....Kennedy's seat goes to a Republican and you can thank Obama for that.
In an epic upset in liberal Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in a U.S. Senate election Tuesday that left President Barack Obama's health care overhaul in doubt and marred the end of his first year in office.
I can not believe I am saying this:

A Visit with Some Friends

The reason we got together...3 wonderful ladies and friends.
Wade, myself and Rich (The husbands) talking football.

Wade and the kids
Giving the Spangler boys a whuppin!
Talking hunting with Jake and Nathan.

Visit with our Most Senior Member

Marie McAdoo didn't remember us, but we just wanted to encourage her.

Last Days of Hunting

The Firestorm took this doe in Snowstorm.
You just can't beat flintlocking!
Did some hunting with Gabe Norris and learned how to pick the lock on a van with a hot dog roasting fork. Had a great time and appreciated the hospitality he and his wife gave our family.

Honda Foremans are Heavy...

...when they get stuck.

The Township Plowing our Roads

Keepville Church under 80" of Snow

My Sweety Turned 5

Alyssa turned 5 and she is our clown!
She wanted Daddy to decorate her cake and so I quit plowing snow for awhile.

The Boys Pulling A Car....

....out of the ditch with the new quad.

A Bout with Kidney Stones

I am thankful for all who prayed and for Rev. Paul Klien who filled in for me while I was enduring pain and getting rejuvenated at the Meadville Medical Center.


...Before the New Quad.
...and before all the deep snow we were able to get a ride in. Justmaking some good family memories.
The night it arrived - Honda Foreman 500 ES 4x4.

Another Trip to Chef Pengs

We had a great time visiting with the Daryl, Marilyn, and Ashley Muir. Since Valerie Rice had never eaten good food like Genreal Tso's Chicken with fried rice, it was a priveledge to get her hooked on Chinese Food at Chef Pengs in Niles Ohio.
Back at the Muir's we were greeted by this scary creature.

Christmas with Paul

Paul Klien had us over for a Christmas meal and gave the kids big gifts. They were very happy for the gifts and have been enjoying them everyday since. Thanks Paul so much for everything you do!

Monday, January 4, 2010