Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bible Methodist Executive Meeting and Fellowship

Chris Cravens, Jim Jewett, Bennie Durr, and Clair Sams.

A great group of guys from a great group!
It is awesome being able to chat and be friends with a very friendly, personable conference president.

George cooking the pigs and cow meat.

Talking about our building project.

The conferring of the executives about us...what will they say?
I think they liked us!

Two girls having fun playing checkers while we waited for our meal.

We cooked them a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Clair and Melba with our kids.

Charlie Randall Our Oldest Congregant Turns 96

Keepville Quartet in Concert

The grand old, middle and young guys singing. This group is very talented and has the unique capability of singing in 4 part disharmony. They also have the ability to sing in four keys at the same time and still keep the words in sync(mostly). The range of the singing in strength is varied as well from very loud to so very soft. There have been some outrage and accusations by concert goers that some of the group have been lip syncing. The most difficult part the group has said in an interview was trying to sing and keep from bursting forth with merriment. We must assume that the giggles are brought on not from anything but happiness found from the joy of the Lord. Keep watching the local telephone poles for flyer's advertising our next big gig. Admission to our concerts are free if you pay in advance. Be sure to arrive early for standing room only. The concerts always have a time of group participation. You can't go to a concert with out wanting to feel part of the group. Part way through the show a free will offering will be taken for the enhancement of voice modules of the quartet (singing lessons). We encourage all concert goers to take an active part in this group effort. It will benefit everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Spring House

I helped the McCreery's out by fetching the milk from the Der Dutchman - Elias Miller or something like that. He had the milk containers chilling in a concrete spring house. He said by his estimation it kept the milk at 58-60 degrees.

Judge McCreery

While the honorable Rev. Roger McCreery was preaching I was imagining a courtroom scene. Get the jury, attorneys, and witnesses and a black robe..."Please stand for the Honorable Justice Roger McCreery..."

A Very Special Field

As we were showing our children around Muskingum County, I took them to a good hunting spot that I had found and had harvested several deer with a bow. We saw this groundhog sitting on a round hay bale watching the cars go by.

Some Homes in Zanesville Wired by Gurnee Electric

Some Bricks Will Be Layed?

Dave and Holly Thompson were working, but we stopped by to see the progress on the brick job for their house. I guess we will have to wait till next time to see how it turned out.

Our Little Home in Zanesville

The little house that was going to cease to be. I convinced the powers to be to let me fix it up to live in. I wanted to put a small addition on the back and we ended up with a 16 foot addition and a cute little house. I put allot of blood, sweat and love into its building and enhancing. Many memories!!

We have left allot of Birthday, Anniversary, and other "gifts" at places we have ministered at. I built Julia flower boxes by the sidewalk I had put in.
The railing and shrubs were an anniversary gift. The shrubs look like they need some TLC. A little Mirracid and some trimming.
The deck I built for her and the gate to keep Kenton from crawling off the porch.

Visit with Some Old Friends

While in Zanesville we stopped to see Don and Nancy Newman.

Another stop at Lee and Gladys Johnson. The boys loved this squirrel. Lee had caught this squirrel in a trap buy it got away minus its right arm. Two years later he shot it in hunting season. Neat story!
Close up of the missing arm.

Lee's medals from WWII.
He was one of General Douglas MacArthur's bodyguards.
We stopped by Harold "Jack" Hartley. Rose went to be the Lord last year, we miss her allot!

Who Is This?

I was starting my blogging about our Coshocton VBS....I ran across this photo. Can someone help me identify the sleeping person?

Carter Road Gets a New Look

Our New Water System

Tom Rodgers building the shelf to hold the tanks.

Dad wiring in the auxiliary heaters.

Trying best to pose for the camera.

The first time in the 165 history of the Keepville Church that they will have hot water.
The completed system.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"When You Get a Haircut.... sure you go back home. When you get a haircut get a barber you have known. Ever since you were an iddy biddy baby sitting in the booster chair, Because you might look like Larry Moe or Curly if a stranger cuts your hair!"
- Ray Stevens
I asked for a short haircut I did not have to comb. Julie was not impressed.

Working on the Church

Greg and Chris Hatcher

This is mostly what they did.

Tom Rodgers

George Randall

The "Gopher"