Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flooding in Girard

This is Route 20 just East of Girard. The road was closed aith only one lane creeping through a foot of water pouring over the road.

Click on the link to watch the rubber rafts rescue people from a home.

Flooding in Erie

June 30, 2009

By Millcreek

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Visit with a Friend

I met (Fr.) Michael Carney at Baker Publishing in Grand Rapids. He graciously showed me around Grand Rapids helping me to find Eerdmans Publishing. We had a great discussion there and found out that one of the churches in his group is located just about 5 miles from ours. He called me up and let me know he was in the area so we met for breakfast and discussed many things. The picture isn't the greatest. The sun was very much in our eyes as well as being a cell phone camera. He brought gifts of homemade strawberry jelly and a book he had purchased for me. I thank him for his generosity and his friendship. I have learned much about the Russian Orthodox church.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Battle Creek and Books

We made another stop at one of Julie's friends. Dave and Beth were so kind and gracious to us. While Julie visited I headed north to Grand Rapids to buy some discount books at some book puplishers. I visited Zondervan, Baker, and Errdmans. My stash of books retailed for almost 700.00, but I was able to walk away with discounts from 60-90% and only spent about 165.00. While at Dave and Beth's the kids swam, played games, rode bikes, and had wld rides on Dave's Rhino.
Dave playing with his best friend - Boateye
Waiting for breakfast.

Kenton posing with his friend.

Rhino rides...
Kenton tries his hand at driving.

The title of this picture is: "Swing and a Miss". Notice the ball has sailed past her paddle just to the right of Kenton's head. This was happening pretty often until Julie gave me the evil eye and signal to let her win. ROFL...I am sure I will hear something from Michigan.

Kendra watching the game from the Rhino.

She won after I backed off my heat and let her! :)

Gurnee Illinois

This post is for Dad. We traveled to Gurnee Illinois to visit the city named after G-G-G-Uncle Walter Gurnee. He was the head of the railroad many years ago near Chicago. So enjoy the pics. 20 years ago Dad and Mom took us there, but many places had changed and the stores we remembered were long gone. New ones were standing where the old ones were. I am glad for at least one new one that brought fresh donuts to Gurnee.

The Gurnee Fire Chief and his Assistants spoiled the kids with all kinds of attention and gifts. They even gave us very nice Gurnee Fire Key holders and a great big glass mug that says Gurnee Illinois on it.