Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Escape by Garbage Can

If you see this man - call 911

We have a State Prison 1 mile from our house. This caused lots of excitement at our house Sunday night. Read Julie's blog for exciting events that night!!


Proud Dad Moment

The events preceding this day were very eventful- a prison break a mile from our house, large amount of police activity and the fact our house had been left unlocked while at church. I am sure if you read Julies blog she will post about it. It had every one rather paranoid and I will add...2 days later, still paranoid as he has not been caught. We arrived in Indiana County around 2:00 A.M Monday morning and got a few hours sleep before heading out into the deer woods.

This was a special day for me and proved to be as the day progressed. I was able to take Kenton deer hunting for the first time. It definitely was not the first time for him to hunt or be with me on a hunt. Kenton had been with me for many hunts including deer. This year was different, thanks to a new program by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, young hunters under the age of 12 could shoot a deer under the guidance of a mentor. They are only eligible for buck deer.

As light hit nothing but rain moved in front of us. From 6:30 till about 11:00 a good hard steady rain kept the deer woods quiet. I am not sure of any other year that I have not seen a deer by this time. With such a short night I used my fanny pack that held my rain poncho for a pillow and I laid down on the second floor of the "King's Castle". The Kings Castle is the name given to one of my tree stands that reaches a height of 30'. It has two stories and can hold up 15 guys if needed. There usually is only about 2 or 3 at a time.

This is a picture of the Kings Castle from last year.

Kenton watching the for deer.

Kenton catching up on some winks.

As the rain subsided to a slow drizzle Kenton and I headed to the sweet spot. The Sweet Spot is the best place to kill a deer. I am not sure how many I have killed at that place, but it a natural dish and the deer run down in and around the rim of it. Every year it usually fetches at least one or more. Last year Rod Shumate killed his first buck a nice 10 point at the same spot where Kenton would kill his first buck also. As we approached the slingshot tree(a tree that looks like a big slingshot)we noticed about 6 doe bedded down in the pines on the side of the dish. They slowly one by one were getting up and shaking the water off their back like a dog does after it climbs out of water. We could see water spraying everywhere. A truly awesome sight. The ambled down to our left and trotted down into another patch of pines evidently warned by mother nature of the bad dudes with fire sticks that were closing in on them.

Out of my bag of tricks I produced some doe estrus and splashed some on a tree about 10 yards in front of us. I used my buck grunt and doe bleat in vain for 5 minutes until out of the corner of our view a medium sized buck appeared. So far so good. I scoped him quickly which was not an easy task on a day that water was the most abundant product and appeared every where even on the scope lens. My "dry" shirt was only keeping the majority of the water removed while small specks covered the lens. I could see the buck was a half rack. Prior to this moment Kenton had declared up and down that he was not shooting no dinker (he said he would leave that for Dan Durkee). He wanted a monster buck and emphatically stated so. As the buck meandered towards us I told him what it was and asked if he wanted it. He said loud enough for everyone in Rayne township to hear "YEAH YEAH YEAH"! His eyes were as large as the opening of his mouth which was hanging wide open. I whispered to pull back his hammer and aim for the deer where I had instructed him. The shot was to be made right behind the front shoulder. He hit the deer and I am not sure which shot would killed it, but he had to shoot it again just to make sure. He was so excited he hugged me and hugged me. That was easy Dad! First day of his hunting career with a gun and the first deer and how hard can that be? I have tried to convince him that it does not always work that way. Out of almost 60 deer and 18 buck I have only managed to get 3 on the first day and one of them was last year. I guess my average before last year was 1 out of every 10 years on the first day.

Here is the big bad hunter dude and his monster half rack. It actually was the heaviest rack for one that size I have seen.

After the excitement was over we left the buck lay and got back to our spot and I shot a doe right handed for the first time in about 12 years. Then could not get a shot on a big 8 and 5 other buck that came running past. Take out the rain in the scope factor and there would be a another trophy for the wall. The doe was exactly what Julie orders a yearling or 1 1/2 year old deer. The meat is more tender. I try hard not to shoot button bucks which are legal to shoot as doe. Out of about 40 doe only 2 have been button buck. When you scope them you can see the hair pushed up in between the ears. Some even stick up pretty high.

Papa Wallace stopped by to congratulate his grandson on his first deer kill.

Here is the guide with his successful customer. I wonder if the guide will get a tip for his work? I guess the hug and kiss of an excited son is the best tip I could ever get.

Here is Kenton trying to drag his buck. It only weighed about 3X's what he did. It did not budge.

His best friend and cousin Derek Wallace shot a big 10 point with a real cool rack. It was a main frame typical on the left side with 4 points and the left was a huge beam that went straight up and had two sets of prongs off of it. He was his first buck at age 13. Congratulations Derek!

Here is the crew that shot deer on Monday within 10 minutes of each other. I do not remember any other days when 4 deer were taken out of one drive. TJ with a big spike, my doe, Derek's 10 point and Kenton's half rack.

Steve Kunselman getting a picture of the mighty hunter.

With proud Mama Wallace.

With proud Mommy.

With his proud brother and sisters.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Go Mike Huckabee!!

A Red Letter Day

It is not too often you can see a bald eagle up and close. While heading to my parents for Thanksgiving I spotted a bald eagle perched in a big tree along the road. We stopped got out and walked right under it and took pictures. It was an awesome experience for the boys. Then the eagle flew off and we jumped back into the van and followed it. We found another eagle in a tree that it was circling and was able to get a picture as it flew right down low in front of us. It is very awesome to see those huge wingspans flying 20' over your head.

Dead Eye

Kenton is 7 this year and is going buck hunting with me, thanks to a new ruling by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He will be allowed to get a buck if he is fortunate to see one and get a shot. Taking the shot won't be so bad since he seems to have a pretty good aim. He stands at 10 squirrel(1 red, 1, fox, 1 black, and 7 grey) and 1 turkey for his game count. I took a Winchester model 94 and cut the 4" of the butt of the gun and put on a recoil pad. He likes it and does quite well. I did not have any targets so he shot at a rabbit pen that was not in use. I told him to aim at the line and in the middle. I think if a buck comes with in 50 yards it wont go too much farther.

Enjoying Thanksgiving at Gratz

It was great to ride the quad again. It usually just sits in the shed all alone most of the year. It is always good to have an excuse to ride it. Fortunately some farmers down near Gratz had some fields that needed aerated and nice track in a patch of woods that needed the leaves spun off it. Just glad for the opportunity to help them out! :) Thanks to the Heaths for inviting us down!

Nicholas, Kenton, myself, Jonathan, Vincent, and Mark.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Exotic Birds

Brian Fuller raises exotic rare birds. Several that he has are the only ones imported into the United States. Here are the kids enjoying the birds and some that he raises.

Last Match

When Brian Fuller was 14 we wrestled.....he was such a sis. When he turned 15 he was starting to become a man. At 16 he still was an easy pin, but was starting to get a little wiry. When he turned 17 I took him down, but those muscles that were made unloading semi's at CPX were starting to show. The last time we wrestled a couple years ago I knew I was about done wrestling him (to save my pride that is). Well the old urge broke in and we went at each other. Brian has become stronger than this old man and was kind enough to let me take him. Brian the belt is yours now and I know this old man gets out of breath to fast now days!

I think Kenton got a kick out of his dad wrestling around.

The three musketeers : Brian, me, and Don.

Kenton and Vincent were having fun wrestling with Brian, while Don and Mark watch.

My Buddy Don Fuller Turned 50 This Last Week!

Wow - Don you are getting old!!!

He is one of the kind of friends anyone would want. He is hardworking, unassuming, uncompetitive, always their when you need him....should I go on? We enjoyed being neighbors of theirs for 3 years. We were either at their house or they were at ours. Lots of memories: building garages and sheds, cutting firewood, 4-wheeling, working at CPX, not to mention the day you drove the "BIG" truck into downtown Pittsburgh!! I still get a chuckle out of that. Lots more to say but I will just add....

Thanks so much for our friendship!!
Stop by and see us some day!! I promise to not have any work lined up for you!

Friday, November 16, 2007


How do you spell relief? There are many ways. Mine is simply - Research Proposal Done! Other than the fact that my wife has made fun of my diligence, a big weight has been lifted. I get a week off and start my next course - Curriculum Development. 3 courses finished and two others started. Educational Research will resume in July when I wrap up my research. My portfolio will continue on until next October when I will be finished. I am glad for the Thanksgiving break and deer season.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pray for my Friend

A letter from Judy Fay:
Dear Friends,

We have been watching an aorta aneurysm (AAA) in Rowan for several years. This year when the tests were done the Dr. told us it was time for action.

We would appreciate your interest in prayer for Rowan for two surgerys that are scheduled for Dec. 6 & 7.

The following is a note that I sent to family members today after visiting the Dr. that will be assiting in the surgery.

Hey, Gang...
We just got home from our appointment with the (sp???) Radiologist... He read the disk that had the pictures of the aneurysm and he will be assisting our Dr. with Rowan’s surgery on December 6 & 7.
He is younger than our specialist...and was more "open" about the surgery. When I asked about the "risks"...he laid it all on the table. "Well", he said, "It's serious, he could die. He could bleed to death, The aneurysm is big...very big. It's located in a difficult part of the aorta. It's near where the arties go to the kidneys. There is a new stint that we hope to use. If we find the aneurysm is too large for that we'll have to open him up using the old method. We hope to do the largest aneurysm on the 6th and then the other one on the 7th of December. He should stay in the hospital for 3-4 days after the surgery."
Wow... that all sounded a little different than going in for a "little procedure".... Rowan was very quiet on the way home. I know these words hang heavily on him even though he tries to talk "lightly" about the whole thing in front of 'me'.
Well, we serve a great God and we lay this all at his feet in prayer. We have peace and we are expecting the very best.
Thank you for your continued prayers.
Just ole me.... judy


Just when you think you have had a bad day, you click on the MyHoliness website and realize you had a good day. They have had there share of problems lately. Someone emailed me that the site was down. I tried to access it and got this message.

Last night we requested a server upgrade from our hosting provider.
Unfortunately, they wiped out the entire myholiness.com web site and then replace it with a backup of the site from November 1st.
This means that all forum posts, profile edits, PMs, photo uploads, video uploads, new user signups, etc., etc., since November 1st have been IRRETRIEVABLY LOST!
It also means that all site alterations done since November 1st have been lost.
Please bear with us as we try to at least repair what we can.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Finally Finished

Last years buck finally made it to the wall about 2 weeks before the next rifle season started. Not bad...I ought to become a taxidermist. At least my timing would be right. I tried the European mount since the rack was not perfect. It is a 10 point(mainframe 8 with two 1" kickers) and had an 18 1/2" inside spread. The left side was back farther than the right (not symmetrical). For about $5.00 what you see is what it cost to mount it. While teaching wood shop at one of the local public schools, one of the boys had cut out the mount base out of oak. He sold it to me for $3.00 (the cost of the wood) and I invested some sandpaper, stain and varnish and finished it. I bleached the skull with Clorox and for my first time of trying to mount one of this nature, I think it turned out pretty good. The picture was taken with my cellphone and has the quality of Tim Calhoun's blog pictures. :)
This is Rod and I with our 10 points last year on the first day by 8:30. The weather was the warmest I have ever seen it on the first day of buck - 70 degrees.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Trampolines Are Dangerous!

Trampolines like the one we have in our backyard
can be very hazardous to your children's health.

Your children can fall off and break their neck or just while jumping land on those sharp things underneath and get tined to death.

Please use caution when letting your children jump!

I was going to use this for an excuse to why I did not see any buck while hunting, but I thought the caution was more appropriate.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

I was asked this past summer to officiate a wedding for a young couple that were friends with Lisa Garrity-Carr. We met for dinner and made a friendship that I hope will last. They have no church to call their own and so I hope that some day The Keepville Church will be the one. After 6 counseling sessions with Rick and Lacy I was very happy to see how well they meshed in every area of their lives. They had been childhood sweethearts and never dated anyone else. I think that is just cool. They are just great young people and have with lots of potential!
I will try to give a short explanation for each photo.

This was at rehearsal Friday night. When you call the groom Brian instead of Rick you are bound to get them laughing.
Lisa - When you click on this pick you will note the orb that is directly in front of me. It is because I am so angelic. LOL

We enjoyed a great evening and dinner afterwards at Ricks parents beautiful home.

The theme of their wedding was "Hitched". Both the bride and the groom grew up being around horses.

The groom is also an avid hunter - could you tell?!!! Someone surprised Rick with a groom cake - a camo hat.

Mr. & Mrs Rick Reid

Making it official.

The groom is a welder by trade so he crafted these awesome unity candle holders from horseshoes....