Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back at Blogging

The 2011 year is over and we are well on our way in the new year. Resolutions are made by many but I rarely make them since I realize I probably wont keep them....however this year I am making one: More family, less Facebook, less texting, and back to blogging! It seems that all day long there is electronic media that vies for our time and attention. We don't have television and so spending lots of time sitting in front of a screen watching shows and the news is not a part of our life. Video games play a very small part of our families life as well....well I guess we got the kids a Wii this Christmas....I guess it is supposed to bring exercise to some games. Our kids don't need much exercise as the are usually running around Conneaut township somewhere in the woods or playing in the streams.

The bottom line is: Necessity! What do I need? How can I effectively communicate with my friends and let them keep up and yet not get bogged down with too much unnecessary communication. With the Christmas season just past I had come across this photo which sums up exactly everything that I need to say about what governs my life. Is it something I need or merely want. If I want is it something that will be long lasting. Take for example Tiger Woods exwife what ever her name is...bought a 12 million dollar home in Florida and had it bulldozed over. Waste - Think of the people starving lady!!

Too many gifts and "things" in life are wasteful and are quickly thrown away. I guess it sums up why needed to take a break off of here for awhile and now off of Facebook! Go blogging!!

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Mary Herl said...

It'll be great to follow your blogging again! Sounds like you have a refreshed and refreshing perspective! God's been speaking to me about the same thing when it come to wants and needs........and accountability for time commitments.